36 Profitable Home Business Ideas for 2020 (Make $3K+/mo!)

The following is a guest contribution from writer Nicole Replogle. Read on to learn about the best profitable home business ideas for 2020, and be sure to join over 11,000 writers in our free class on how to make your first $1,000 writing from home before you leave this page!

Show of hands: 

Who’s worried about where your next paycheck is coming from?

You might have been laid off recently, or you might want to diversify your income streams to make you less vulnerable in the current (*deep breath*) economic recession.

Sound familiar?

…Then welcome. You’re in the right place.

But before you decide on which profitable home business idea to pursue, you should stop for a moment and ask yourself:

  • Are you more of a writer, a tech junkie, or a creator?  
  • What about your attraction (or in my case, aversion) to manual labor?  
  • And do you have any badass specialty skills? 

After all, you’ll be the most successful when embracing the skills and interests you already have. 

Once you know which avenue to pursue, it’s just a matter of deciding on a specific idea and gunning for it!

Read on for a ton of ideas to kick your oh-so-entrepreneurial ass into gear – broken down by skill set so you can pick the perfect profitable home business idea based on your talents!

36 Profitable Home Business Ideas To Make $3K+/mo Online

Are You a ?

…If so, congrats, and welcome to a wide and wonderful world of online opportunities!

Your skills are pure gold out there.

Here are 8 ways to put them to good use:

1. Proofreader

Are you the grammar police in your friend group? 

If you’re meticulous, detail-oriented, and love catching writing mistakes, think about becoming a freelance proofreader. 

Many aspiring proofreaders find the content over at to be a useful starting point!

2. Virtual Assistant

Do you have administrative skills and a knack for time management? You might make a killer .

Virtual assistants (VAs) are what they sound like: you’d be providing administrative and technical support to businesses who want to outsource some of their routine tasks.

3. Freelance Writer

If you love to write, consider freelance writing – a career with high income potential and low start-up costs ()!

You’ll be your own boss, and your only limits will be how much time you have and how hard you want to work.

Jorden has a where you’ll learn exactly how to make your first $1,000 freelance writing from home in 45 days or less –  even if you have no experience!

4. Copywriter

While we’re on the subject of freelance writing, let’s go over a few other specific ways you can start an at-home writing business. 

Copywriters (like purchasing an item, signing up for a mailing list, etc.). 

It’s not all catchy tag lines written in smoke-filled ad agencies like in Mad Men; today’s copywriters work in all mediums, and many are freelancers. 

Copywriters are marketing pros, with words as their tool of choice.

5. Blogger

Do you prefer long-form content rather than snappy copy? 

Consider blogging! 

While you can always — and earn money from selling ads or from — your best bet for earning money quickly is to become a freelance blogger. 

This just means you get paid to contribute blog posts to websites.

Check out Jorden’s to get started now!

6. Email Newsletter Writer

If you’ve got a talent for compelling, conversational writing, consider marketing yourself as an

Companies always need help creating content for their sales funnels, and your writing chops could be just the thing they’re looking for.

7. Social Media Caption Writer

Do you spend more time on Twitter or Instagram than anything else? 

If so, you might be a good fit for companies needing for their posts. 

8. Freelance Journalist

As a freelance , you would pitch story ideas to popular newspapers or magazines. You’d cover more of-the-moment pieces and current events than a standard freelance writer or blogger.

I know many people think they can’t be journalists unless they went to journalism school, but if the fast pace and footwork appeal to you, go for it!

Regardless of which type of writing you want to do, you need to learn how to market yourself and get clients. You can learn how to make your first $1,000 writing from home in this free class – sign up now for instant access!

Are You Good with Tech/Computers? Try One of These 6 Profitable Home Business Ideas.

If writing isn’t your thing, don’t despair. 

What about putting your mad, mad computer skills to use?

9. Web Designer

Have you ever set up your own website or helped a friend start a blog? 

Web design can be a lucrative career path for those with patience, a little computer savvy, and an eye for aesthetics.

10. Graphic Designer

Similarly, if you have a good eye for design, you should think about entering the graphic design field. 

use software (like Adobe, Illustrator, and Photoshop) to create visual concepts like logos, layouts, and multimedia designs.

11. Podcaster

Hey — I see you rolling your eyes! 

Sure, it seems like everybody and their brother is starting a podcast right now, but there’s a good reason for that. 

The demand for audio content is increasing every day, and you can make money podcasting

If you have tech skills and an idea for something you could talk about — without putting people to sleep — week after week, think about it.

12. Video Editor

Video editors take raw footage and create a finished product.

As demand increases for video in content marketing, more and more businesses need freelance video editors. And many companies pay extremely well for this service!

This means you can jump into a traditionally hard-to-break-into market , with a little research and a good portfolio, making it one of the most profitable home business ideas!

13. Personal Computer Trainer

Don’t take your tech skills for granted! Did you know that people will pay you to help them learn basic computer use?

teach people all about how to use their computers more effectively. You might develop curriculums for schools, prepare presentations for workplaces, or instruct individuals one-on-one.

14. IT Consultant

Contrary to what you might think, you don’t necessarily need a four-year degree in computer science to .

If web, software, or mobile app development sounds like something you’d be good at (or better, if you have experience in these areas), go for it!

Can You Make and Sell Things Online?

This next section has to do with your ability to create things.

A few ideas are listed below for inspiration – but feel free to consider selling whatever it is that you love to make!

15. Build Furniture

Do you have a garage full of power tools? If you’ve ever thought about selling some of the woodworking projects you’ve made, now’s the time.

To , think about your inventory storage capabilities, how you’ll market yourself and photograph the products, where you’ll sell (Etsy? Craigslist?), and whether you’ll ship the items or sell them locally.

16. Make Jewelry

Jewelry has a huge and diverse market, and if you’ve dabbled in handmade jewelry, consider selling some of your pieces on sites like Etsy or Amazon. Similar to furniture-making, you’ll need to decide on your storage and delivery capabilities. 

has some excellent tips for getting started, plus suggestions for jewelry blogs to follow to keep up on the latest fashions.

17. Sell Crafts

Though it can be challenging to find a lucrative niche, the homemade craft market has grown in recent years, and it’s possible to earn a healthy living from selling the products you love to create.

There are where you can sell your items, including Etsy, Absolute Arts, and Amazon. 

18. Make Soap and Lotion

As with anything meant to be ingested or rubbed into the skin, these handmade products are a lot risker to sell than the items mentioned above.

If you love making or , and you’re willing to put in the work to research legal requirements and do lots of testing, this path might be the one for you!

If not… well, have you ever considered becoming a instead?

19. Start a Personalization Service 

You know all those monogrammed tote bags and tumblers that were the rage a few years ago? 

Well, there are professionals whose sole job it is to personalize items. And the best part is that you can do it from home!

You’ll need an eye for design, an idea of your niche (like engraving, monogramming, or embroidery), and a marketing and distribution plan. 

But there’s a huge market out there for personalized items and gifts – so go get yourself a piece of it!

Are You Resourceful? Don’t Mind Manual Labor?

Not all work-from-home jobs are done sitting at a computer or in a garage-turned-workshop. 

If you’re more of an active person, don’t worry; there are plenty of home business ideas that will need you to be on your feet.

20. eBay Selling

If you can’t resist a good bargain hunt or love to check resale prices of old books at garage sales, think about turning your knack into a business venture.

are more than your average closet-clearers who list preowned items for a few bucks. They often have a specific area of expertise (like comic books or collectible shoes). 

They hunt down good deals at resale shops, then flip the item for a huge profit on eBay. 

21. Dog Walking

Love spending time with your furry friends – and don’t mind being dragged around the block by the more enthusiastic canine variety? 

Think about offering dog walking services to your local community!

You can use a network like , or start your own – but be warned, it’s not all sunshine and tail-wagging! Dog walking can be a difficult hustle, but it can also be extremely rewarding.

22. Pet Daycare/Boarding

While we’re on the topic, have you ever thought about starting a daycare for your neighborhood pets? If the idea of hanging out with people’s pets all day while they’re at work (or on vacation) sounds amazing to you, this profitable home might be a good fit!

Of course, you’ll need space, adequate equipment, and willing team members to help you once you grow beyond just a few dogs at a time.   

23. Housecleaning

Are you a neat freak? If scrubbing toilets and dusting baseboards gives you unmatched satisfaction (can we be friends?), think about starting your own .

It can be difficult to break into commercial cleaning, but you can develop a residential clientele easily through word-of-mouth and building your reputation with quality work.

24. Yardwork

If you’d rather spend all your time outdoors and definitely don’t mind manual labor, consider offering lawncare services to your local area.

There are to this seasonal and often back-breaking work, but you can learn on the job, and there’s excellent growth potential.

25. Car Detailing

Wax on, wax off (or whatever). Do you have a knack for all things auto upkeep? 

We’re talking vacuuming, hand washing, full detailing, and the option to add special services like paint touch-ups and windshield repairs.

This business idea has potential for , especially if you work with an assistant or partner. 

You can choose the low-startup-cost mobile option (going to your clients’ homes or places of work), or establish a fixed site and have clients come to you.

26. Home Daycare

If you love caring for little ones, think about offering daycare services for your local area. Just make sure to and get set up the right way; there’s a ton of liability involved in caring for tiny humans.

This business has and the potential to be extremely fulfilling, and it can be a great way to get paid if you’re already staying home to care for your own kids. 

27. Airbnb Hosting

Do you have an extra bedroom or basement suite? Think about on Airbnb!

Don’t be tempted to think of owning a vacation rental as “passive income,” however; a successful Airbnb host will take the time to furnish, market, and maintain the space. You’ll also want to be available for communication before and during the guest’s stay.

But hosting Airbnb guests can be very rewarding, since you’ll likely meet a wide variety of travelers from all over the world, and it can be fun to give newcomers advice on your favorite spots and activities in your hometown.

Do You Have Niche Skills?

This last category is for those of you who have specialty skills that you can turn into income with a little business acumen and a lot of determination.

28. Photographer

Have you taken photography classes or done any professional photography work? 

Or maybe you’re just really good at snapping the perfect Instagram picture?

If you’ve got the right equipment, the artistic skill, and the , photography can be a rewarding choice for you. You’ll need to practice, choose a niche, and market yourself – but you can easily start a photography business from home.

29. Academic Tutor

Hey nerds, this one’s for you. Are you a pro at one or more academic subject? Do you love helping students learn? Think about , either by using tutoring sites like or by advertising your services on places like Google, Facebook, and Craigslist.

30. Private Music Lessons Teacher

Hate math, but love your guitar? Think about giving music lessons instead of academic tutoring. There’s a high demand for instrumental and vocal musical lessons, especially for elementary-age kids.  

Much like online tutoring, you can choose to teach through an online platform like or

If you prefer in-person lessons, you can reach out to local music stores to teach out of their spaces, or

You’ll be surprised how many parents will pay big bucks for music lessons for their kids! In most parts of the country, you can start out charging $30 to $45 per hour. 

31. Personal Trainer

Are you obsessed with working out? If you love the idea of helping others reach their fitness goals, think about becoming a

You’ll need to take a certification course and choose your area(s) of expertise, and you may need to start by working at your local gym. 

But once you’ve built the necessary experience and connections, the career possibilities are endless.

32. Yoga Teacher

If you’ve got a passion for your yoga practice, think about

It’ll take an investment up front to complete a yoga teacher training course and certification, and you’ll need to network a bit to land jobs, but teaching yoga can be extremely rewarding.

33. Dog Trainer

Do you have experience working with dogs? 

Think about putting your skills to use as a

Word of caution: you’ll be mostly teaching humans to train their own dogs, so you need to be a people-person as well as a dog lover.

Once you get certified, you can follow a traditional route of working for local training schools or doggy daycare businesses. Or you can be your own boss by using your network to build experience and a reputation in your community.

34. Party Planner

If you can’t get enough of helping people plan parties or events, you might make a great party planner. It’s not all fun and games, though; party planning requires a lot of patience, stamina, and diplomacy.

But the upsides are that you don’t need an advanced degree (though certification helps your credibility), and you can absolutely start a party planning business !

35. Caterer

Do you have a knack for cooking? Think about starting your own catering service!

Start-up costs, time commitment, and income are all variable depending on how big you want to start out. If you’ve got enthusiasm and grace under pressure, catering could be a fun way to turn your cooking skills into cash.

36. Bookkeeper

If you’ve got a love for spreadsheets and basic math skills, you might have the potential to be a killer bookkeeper. 

Bookkeepers record a business’s financial transactions, reconcile expenses, manage bills, handle payroll, and generate financial reports. And the best part? You could earn from as a freelancer working from home, according to Quickbooks. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it!

Thirty-six profitable home business ideas you can start from the comfort of your own home, whether you want to , a dog-walker, an Etsy seller, or something else! 

When you’ve got passion, a little ingenuity, and an awesome idea, the world is your oyster. 

So what are you waiting for? 

…Get out there and start hustling!

Author Bio: Nicole is a specializing in personal finance and SaaS companies. When she is not creating converting content for businesses, she can be found playing with her rambunctious border collie mix, marathon training, or experimenting with new coffee-brewing methods.

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