10 Legitimate Home Based Business Ideas

5. Freelance Writer ($40,000 per year)

The Internet is in constant need of content and that’s why freelance writers are in such high demand. Salary varies from less than $30,000 to well over six figures for those who are established. (Learn more: How to Make Money as a Writer)

6. Consultant (Salary Varies)

If you’re an established expert in a certain field, consider becoming an independent consultant. Maybe you’re an expert in digital marketing after spending years running ad campaigns for major clients. Or you know the science behind designing a retail floor plan for maximum profitability. Salary is dependent on the nature of the consulting but as your client base grows, expect to earn more than when you were working for an employer. (Learn more: Start a Consulting Business)

7. Pet Sitting ($30,000 per year)

If you love animals, this home-based business is perfect. Pet sitting doesn’t necessarily mean you’re with the animal 24/7. Pet sitters may have 5-10 homes each day to check (or more depending on the market.). The job includes being on 24-hour call and a lot of driving but if you’re ok with that, it’s the perfect job for an animal lover.

8. Repair Service (Salary Varies)

Everybody has a lot of “stuff” and that stuff often needs fixing. Cell phones, cars, computers, you name it. If it costs more to replace than to repair once or twice—and you can fix it—you have a winning business. Run your business from your home or make yourself more valuable by going to the customer. Salary varies widely based on the type of item being repaired.

9. Bookkeeper ($45,000 per year)

A well-trained VA can take on entry-level bookkeeping tasks but small business owners may not want to worry about the accounting side of their business. Home-based bookkeepers service smaller clients that don’t require a large accounting staff.

10. Daycare ($55,000 per year)

Homes with both parents working are a fact of life for about 47% of two-parent families. Statistics like these are why daycare businesses are in high demand. You will need insurance and a state license but caring for 5 kids will likely place you over $50,000 per year.

Bottom Line

Successful home-based workers work just as hard and sometimes harder than people who drive to work each day. There is no more freedom than in a traditional job. Scammers often prey on people by offering big salaries and the “freedom” to work their own hours. Don’t fall for such scams.

Also beware of opportunities with unknown companies. The most legitimate home-based business is one you start on your own. Becoming an independent contractor for another company is a high-risk move unless that company is well-known.

Finally, like any business, a home-based business will take a lot of time and effort before becoming something that offers enough income to support yourself and family. Start building it before you quit or save enough at least 9 months of living expenses. 

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