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A HUGE List of Home-Based Business Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Do you love fashion and style? Would you like to have your own fashion boutique, but don’t have the funds to invest in a brick and mortar storefront?

A HUGE List of Home-Based Business Ideas for Fashion LoversNo problem.

The direct sales industry has made it easier than ever to have your very own home-based business within the fashion industry. In my opinion, direct sales companies that sell women’s clothing are some of the best business opportunities out there. Not only do most women LOVE new clothes and accessories, but it is something that every woman needs, and that is regularly replaced, and updated.

Plus, when you’re selling clothes through the direct sales model, items tend to have a higher price point, so your overall earnings are higher.

If you’ve been thinking about launching your own home-based business, and you love fashion — here is a huge list of business opportunities for fashion lovers!

Abby + Anna 

Abby + Anna was started in 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They sell leggings, tunics, and dresses for women, plus sizes, and young girls. The Style Advisor opportunity is a referral program where you get a referral link and any sales that are generated from your link, you’ll receive 20 percent commission either via PayPal or store credit.

Launched in 2014, Agnes & Dora focuses on fashion-forward trends that are created in the USA. Their designs and line have been compared to LuLaRoe, with leggings, tunics, and dresses. There’s not a lot of information about this opportunity online, so if you’re interested in learning more, you can request additional information on their website.


While typically thought of as a beauty company, Avon also sells a wide variety of jewelry and fashion items! Avon Reps earn 40 percent on sales on your first six orders, and starter kits range in price from $25 – $100. As a leader in beauty, anti-aging skincare, and fragrances, they make it easy for you to join, sell, and succeed. Avon is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

cabi was created in 2002 by 12 female founders. The brand sells high-end fashion, shoes, jewelry, and accessories that range in price from $39 – $249. With the cabi business model, you can earn 25 – 33 percent commission on all items you sell, plus an additional commission on team sales. The startup cost (your seasonal inventory) is $2,570 which can be sold at the end of the season for an additional profit and new inventory. According to this article by, cabi has an 85 percent retention rate, rather than the typical 20 percent in the direct selling business. cabi also gives back to the community through their heart of cabi foundation. The cabi business opportunity is available to residents of the US, the UK, and Canada.

Founded in 1981, Carlisle Etcetera is a luxury fashion company based in New York City. Selling couture designs at ready-to-wear prices, Carlisle offers four new lines of clothing each year. I wasn’t able to find any information on commission rates or startup costs, but clothing and accessories pieces sell for $85 – $500 or more.

Crowned Free is a social good company sells jewelry, accessories, as well as clothing for women and kids. Starter kits range in price from $49 – $999. Earn 20 – 30 commission and get paid every two weeks. Crowned Free as an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Ellie Kai  

Ellie Kai sells made-to-order clothing for women and little girls. Clothing prices range from $50 – $300. Stylists earn 15-25 percent commission on sales, and the company has been in business since 2014 and has positive reviews on To find out more, fill out their online application.

Essential Bodywear 

Essential Bodywear sells uplifting bras, panties, and shapewear. Representatives can earn up to 37 percent commission per month on sales, plus jewelry and trips for meeting certain milestones. It’s not clear on their website, but it looks like there is a $99 founder’s fee, plus the additional fee for your starter kit which ranges in price from $299 – $699. Essential Bodywear is a member of the DSA.


Etcetera is a luxury brand and part of the Carlisle Etcetera family. Clothing prices range from $95 – $425 with a focus on the classics with an edge. I wasn’t able to find any information on commissions rates or startup costs, but you can call or email them for additional information.

fibi & clo 

fibi & clo is a direct sales opportunity that allows users to sell their sandals with zero investment. Fashion Ambassadors earn 15 percent commission on sales, plus additional commission when they build and support a team. Ambassadors are paid once a month via PayQuicker, and when you sign up for this opportunity, you have to supply a credit card number for incidental expenses.

For those of you that don’t like recruiting or the MLM structure, I Thought of You is a good option. It’s a social good direct sales company that sells accessories, jewelry, and apparel. Curators earn 20 – 50 percent commission on sales and starter kits range in price from $99 – $299. To avoid oversaturation, applications are accepted on a region by region basis.

India Hicks 

Featured in Forbes, InStyle, Yahoo, and Business Insider, India Hicks is a social selling company that sells high-end handbags, clothing, accessories, beauty and fine fragrances designed by India and her team. Their sample collection is $549 and contains a carefully curated selection of IH products. Ambassadors earn up to 40 percent commission on sales. Fun facts, India Hicks modeled for Ralph Lauren and she was one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids.

J. Hillburn 

J. Hillburn sells custom men’s clothing, such as suits, dress shirts, shoes, and ready to wear items. Stylists can earn 25 percent commission on sales and an additional 5 percent for building a team. The starter kit kits cost $199 or $500 and clothing items range in price from $99 – $1,590 for a suit. J. Hillburn has been in business since 2007 and has been featured in Inc., Esquire, Men’s Health, USA Today and more.

Just Jewelry 

Just Jewelry sells jewelry, handbags, watches, clothing and more! Consultants can earn 30 – 50 percent commission on sales and starter kit is $99. Just Jewelry was started in 2004 by Virginia Depp and Nicole Nelson.

Are you looking for a ground floor opportunity? Launched in 2013, La Senorita Jolie sells stylish and casual jewelry, accessories, and clothing ranging in price from $15 – $135. Stylists earn 25 – 35 percent commission on personal sales and more if they decide to build a team. Startup kits range in price from $34, $299, or – $499. La Senorita Jolie is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Legging Army  

Legging Army is another company that sells printed leggings for women and girls. Their startup kits range in price from $39.99 – $100, plus a $25 enrollment fee. Affiliates earn 25 percent commission on sales and additional commission for sub-affiliate sales. This company has a couple of complaints on the Ripoff Report, and they have a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau — there may be some issues with the quality of their leggings; something you’ll want to check out. Commissions are paid via PayPal weekly.

Llynda More Boots 

Llynda More Boots sells custom boots and sandals with varying calf sizes and interchangeable heels and toppers. Consultants earn up to 30 percent commission and the seasonal fee is $49.99.


Even though LuLaRoe is extremely popular right now, they are currently being sued for poor quality leggings and questionable business practices. They also have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. Because of these factors, I have decided to remove all of their links from this website. Here’s the latest news on LuLaRoe.

Lusomé Sleepwear 

Lusomé sells an innovative and beautiful brand of sleep and loungewear proven to help keep women cool and comfortable at night. Their startup kit is $250 and Stylists earn 20 percent commission on sales. This opportunity is available both in the US and Canada. Lusomé has been featured in Oprah, Real Simple, Shape, Good Housekeeping, Refinery 29, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and many more.

Matilda Jane 

Selling clothing for women and children, Matilda Jane sells their clothing line through in-home Truck Keepers. To be considered for a Trunk Keeper sales position, you must first host a trunk show to get a better feel for the company. Once you’ve completed that, step you can fill out an online application for consideration. The initial startup fee is $1,600 for your seasonal inventory. Clothes and accessories range in price from $16 – $112 per item.


Ndulge was started by a group of sisters who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Every sale through Ndulge benefits those in need. Their Ambassadors sell ultra-soft, slimming, squat-proof, and compressed activewear in sizes 2- 20 for women and little girls. The cost to join is $98 and Ambassadors can earn 40 to 60 percent on retail sales and 5 percent on their downline.

Nygard Style 

Started by designer, Peter Nygard, Nygard Style sells women’s clothing (pants, jackets, and shirts) with patented SLIMcurve Technology, which lifts, shapes, and sculpts your figure. Starter kits range in price $202 – $315, and if you’d like a personal website to sell through, that’s an additional $8.95 a month. There’s also an annual fee of $49.95 and a $30 fee for business supplies. Stylists earn 25 – 30 percent commission on sales. This opportunity is available to US and Canadian residents. On their website under company info, they have a link to the DSA Code of Ethics Page, but, when I searched the DSA website, I wasn’t able to find Nygard Style as a member.

Nyla and Noelle 

The direct sales company, Nyla and Noelle, sells women’s leggings, wraps, dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, and jewelry in sizes S to XXXL. To get started you need to purchase a POP box which ranges in price from $250- $2,000. Clothing can be sold through in-home parties, local events, and online through social media platforms. Curators must meet certain purchase amounts and monthly minimum re-order quantities for a predetermined period. This is a ground floor opportunity. For additional details on commission rates and training — you can request information from their website.

Part & Parcel is a direct selling opportunity that caters to plus-sized women (0X – 6X). Starter kits start at $68 for two items of clothing or $98 or three items of clothing, plus marketing materials, digital resources, and pairing with a mentor. Partners earn 30 percent commission and Part & Parcel has been seen on sites like Glamour and Fortune.


Peach sells stylish clothes and accessories for the gym, work, and play. Earn as much as 35 percent on personal sales and additional commission on team commissions. The base kit to get started is $199, and you must request additional information via their website if you’re interested in becoming a Stylist. Peach’s Founder, Janet Kraus is also an instructor at the Harvard Business School where she teaches entrepreneurship.


Formerly, Honey and Lace, P!PHANY sells women’s leggings, dresses, skirts, bottoms, and tops in bright colors and bold patterns. The company was started in 2013 by Dianne Ingram. The clothing can be sold via in-home parties or on your own personal website; you can also earn additional commission by building a team. This opportunity is available both in the US and Canada. I wasn’t able to find any information on startup costs, the commission rate, or structure, so if you’re interested in this opportunity, you’ll have to request additional information from their website.

Ruby Ribbon 

Selling clothing options that make women feel good, Ruby Ribbon sells tees, tunics, tops, leggings, maxi-shirts, as well as shapewear. Products range in price from $39 – $69. Starter kits range in price from $149 – $549 and Independent Stylists earn up to 40 percent commission on each sale. Ruby Ribbon is a member of the DSA.


SQN SPORT sells luxurious women’s activewear that is made in the USA. The opportunity is free to join, but they do put a $400 hold on your credit card, in case of lost or damaged merchandise. Ambassadors earn 25 percent on sales via pop-up shops, online, and in-home gatherings, as well as additional commissions on referrals. Bonuses include discounted clothing and seasonal clothing allowance for Ambassadors who meet their recruiting and sales growth objectives. SQN Sport has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Sseko Designs 

Sseko Designs is an ethical fashion brand that sells apparel, sandals, jewelry, handbags, and accessories that benefit women in Uganda through a work program that enables them to attend university. Sseko Designs has three different starter kits to choose from $99 – $599.99. As a Sseko Fellow, you’ll earn up to 30 percent commission on personal and team sales, plus you get up to 50 percent off of Sseko products.

Created and designed in 2007 by mompreneur, Jessica Herrin, Stella & Dot has grown into a mega business opportunity for fashion and style lovers. First known for their jewelry, Stella & Dot now sells clothing, handbags, jewelry, accessories, and a luxury line called Covet, that includes real gold, diamonds, and pebble-grain leather. Stylists can earn 25 – 30 percent commission on sales and additional commission for building a team. Startup kits start at $149. Stella & Dot has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

StyleChest has an opportunity for fashion and style influencers to earn 15% commission on items sold through their referral links and trunk shows. You must already be a StyleChest customer and have experience promoting brands professionally. Besides the commission, you’ll get first previews, special event invites, and training and support. This opportunity is free and you’ll have to apply for consideration.

Trades of Hope is a social good company that sells artisan jewelry, handbags, apparel, and accessories. Compassionate Entrepreneurs (CEs) earn 25 – 35 percent commission on sales and an additional 4 – 9 percent commission on team sales. Starter kits range in price from $99 – $199 and they are a member of the DSA.

W by Worth 

Launched in 1981, Worth is a luxury brand based out of New York that sells high-end, contemporary clothing ranging in price from $178 – $548 per piece. To find out more about becoming a Worth Sales Associate, fill out their online form or call via their toll-free number for additional information.

Youngevity is a direct sales company that sells everything under the sun including,  clothes, jewelry, and accessories. To become a Distributor, it’s $30 and then it renews annually for $49.95. They also have a wide variety of startup kits to choose from. I wasn’t able to find the commission structure, so you’ll need to find that out before you join.

ZYIA Active 

ZYIA Active sells premium fitness apparel and accessories for men and women. Starter kits range in price from  $450 – $780 and Representatives earn 15 to 25 percent on personal sales, plus additional commission for when you build a team. ZYIA Active also offers product discounts, incentive trips, and rewards.


As you can see, there are lots of home-based business opportunities within the fashion industry. And while all companies listed are believed to be legit, you must do your due diligence and research the company and opportunity extensively for yourself. Many of these companies are ground floor opportunities (new) which means they don’t have a proven track record yet. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons when doing your research.

Do you know of any other opportunities within the fashion industry? Drop us a note; we’d love to hear from you!

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